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Saturday 25 May 2019

Real Health Podcast: How to deal with anxiety and improve your life, according to this leading psychologist

Karl Henry and psychologist Sarah O'Neill
Karl Henry and psychologist Sarah O'Neill
Karl Henry pictured with Sarah O'Neill, chartered psychologist and MD of Spectrum Mental Health
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Anxiety and stress is affecting more and more Irish adults these days and we’re finding it harder to cope with what life throws at us.

Did you know that 80pc of adults in Ireland have been affected by anxiety, with almost half (44%) reporting that their mental wellbeing is of real concern to them?

While fitness and exercise helps greatly, we also need to look after our emotional being as well. We need step back and understand how and why stress and anxiety affects us also.

Sarah O'Neill chartered psychologist and MD of Spectrum Mental Health joins me on this week’s show to discuss dealing with the growing anxiety in our work and personal lives.

“Stress can be helpful in the short term to help us respond to challenges,” Sarah explains. “But long term it can become chronic and debilitating.”

Sarah recommends checking in with your BACE on a regular basis and which is:

Body – how is your physical health?

Achievement – celebrate your achievements

Connection – reach out to people, we are all social animals

Enjoyment – don’t forget to enjoy life as well!

Plus, she has some great tips and practical exercises if you find your mind and body going through the triggers of stress and anxiety, including how to avoid avoidance, talking it out, and developing a greater awareness and understanding.

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