Sunday 20 October 2019

Real Health Podcast: Healthy meals and snacks for your day with Roz Purcell and Indy Power

Indy Power, left, Karl Henry and Roz Purcell
Indy Power, left, Karl Henry and Roz Purcell
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Healthy eating and cooking healthily is not difficult and this week I'm joined by two of Ireland's leading healthy food bloggers, Roz Purcell and Indy Power with some quick and easy meals to make.

Roz and Indy take us through the day from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with the tools, tricks and simple options to make sure you are eating and living well.

I get their three tips for healthy eating and find out what their comfort food is, as well as their favourite go-to meal.

Find out why prepping and getting organised is key, why porridge is a real treat, how salads and soups are a great lunch option, and why you don’t need to be conventional with your dinners or snacks.

I also set you a Real Health healthy eating challenge and want to hear how you're getting on. 

If you have any quick and easy healthy meals or snacks you want to share, I'm on or @KarlHenryPT on Twitter and Instagram.

To get more recipes and information from Roz visit her at or @RozannaPurcell on Instagram and for Indy, visit her at or @TheLittleGreenSpoon on Instagram.

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