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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Real Health Podcast: Healthy and successful living tips from 'Ireland’s Fittest Family' coach, Anna Geary

Karl Henry pictured with Anna Geary
Karl Henry pictured with Anna Geary
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Retiring at your peak aged 27 is not easy, but for this week’s guest, Anna Geary, a coach on Ireland’s Fittest Family and Cork’s former All Ireland winning captain, life is about choices and not being afraid of failure.

“I realised I wasn’t fulfilled in my job and career,” she says. “It’s a hard thing to admit when you’re not fulfilled and I started to think more about what was important to me.”

Within two weeks she had retired from camogie, left her corporate job, moved to Dublin and hasn’t looked back, re-training as a lifestyle and career coach.

On this week’s show she talks about the importance of always moving forwards and has great tips for healthy and successful living, including:

1. It’s not always about the what but the how is just as important

2. Be kinder to yourself and watch your self-talk

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

4. Don’t fear failure

5. Are you an energy train or energy drain? 

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