Tuesday 16 July 2019

Real Health Podcast: 'From the age of 30 your brain starts to shrink' - Here's how to keep it fit

Karl Henry with this week's guest, Sabina Brennan
Karl Henry with this week's guest, Sabina Brennan
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

After 30, your brain starts to shrink. It's a scary fact and as it's our most important organ it makes sense that we should look after it and keep it fit.

After all, you brush and care for your teeth every day, surely you should be doing the same for your brain?  That's what this week's guest, Sabina Brennan, says on this week's Real Health podcast.

Continuing our health masterclass series, Sabina takes me through what we should all be doing to keep our brains young and help slow the shrinking down. 

If you want to find out what the miracle-gro for the brain is, then listen to what Sabina has to say.

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