Saturday 24 August 2019

Real Health Podcast: '6o seconds in the morning and you're done' - The Skin Nerd's top tips for skin health

Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock joins Karl Henry on the Real Health Podcast
Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock joins Karl Henry on the Real Health Podcast
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

This week’s episode is all about your skin. Your skin? Yes, your skin, one of our vital health organs. 

If you exercise at all you know what it’s like to sweat and if you’re a healthy eater, you will also know how important good food is for your skin too.  We’re not just talking vanity here either.  Healthy skin is also a barometer of good health and treating your body well.

So who better to give us the secrets and insights than the hugely popular Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock and on the show, Jennifer gives me the three simple steps that take no more than sixty seconds for you to do each morning and evening.

Plus she has advice for those of you who are exercising and even has some anti-ageing tips – it turns out that if you’re over the age of 25 then you need to start looking after your skin even more!

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