Tuesday 24 April 2018

Raisins and Dido: book's top tips for enhancing your mood

Graham Clifford

If you're heading for the shops today then why not invest in a room thermometer, a Dido CD and a packet of raisins. Why? Well, a new self-help book entitled You Can Be Happy, written by Oxford University Professor of Psychology Daniel Freeman and author James Freeman, advises that these three items could go some way toward improving mood.

The book advises that preparing your bedroom before you hit the hay could boost happiness.

Key to this is establishing the preferred temperature -- we're told that 18°C is usually ideal. And if you haven't nodded off within 20 minutes you're advised to get up and do something relaxing. If you require some music to assist in the process then why not try a blast of Dido's Thank You? The London-Irish singer's hit single was chosen as the best song for relaxation by a survey carried out by the mental health charity Mind.

The book also advocates mental relaxation and suggests 'raisin meditation'. After a combination of exercises, from feeling the dried fruit to smelling, tasting, chewing and finally swallowing it, the hope is that the awareness of each action intensifies the entire experience.

You Can Be Happy lists more than 40 "scientifically proven techniques" to change the way you feel. It's available at Eason for €14.95.

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