Sunday 20 October 2019

Part Four: Exercises

Beach Body: Bicep Curls Photo: Ronan Lang
Beach Body: Bicep Curls Photo: Ronan Lang
Beach body week 4: Bicep curls Photo: Ronan Lang

Bicep Curls

* Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms fully extended towards the floor, holding a weight in each hand.

* Curl the weights up towards your shoulders.

* Return to the starting position.

* The most important thing here is to keep your elbows close by your side, don't let them move away from the body as this means you aren't getting the most from your exercise.


* Start with a step, bench or chair – the minimum height is 10 inches but you can go higher as you get fitter.

* Stand facing it. Keep your posture straight and tall. Put your hands on your hips. Step up with your right leg, then step up with your left leg. Then step down with your right leg and then step down with your left leg. This counts as one rep.

* Continue leading with the right leg for 20 reps and then lead with your left leg for 20 reps. This counts as one set.

* Take a break, take some water when you need to and then start into your second and third sets.


* Get two 500ml bottles of water or light dumbbells

* Life on the floor with your knees bent

* Hold the dumbbells above your belly button with your arms straight. Keeping your arms straight, lower the bottles back towards the floor

* Do 20 reps, three sets.

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