Thursday 17 October 2019

Nine ways to get the most out of any routine

Find a workout that works for you.
Find a workout that works for you.

1 up and at 'em: If you have a busy schedule, start your day with an early morning workout – you are less likely to make excuses when you get it done before something else can get in your way.

2 Do what you love: Find a workout that works for you. There are endless routines and methods out there but if you find one that you enjoy, then this will ensure you stick at it and get the results.

3 Share your goals with others: This is a great way to hold yourself accountable for taking action. It will give you a greater purpose and helps create a support network of family and friends.

4 Be productive with your workout time: Estimate how long your session will take and ensure that you finish in that amount of time or less. Once you begin to create deadlines, your workout becomes more efficient and the results increase dramatically.

5 Remember to trust in the process: Patience is key when starting a new fitness programme or exercise routine. It will take time before the results start showing through, so keep the faith. Patience and persistence = success.

6 You cannot out-train a bad diet: There is no point undoing all your hard work and effort by making poor food choices. Commit to a diet of clean food and your training will improve immensely.

7 Kick up the intensity: A lot of people focus on the length of their workout rather than the effort they put in. Half an hour at full intensity can be just as effective as a one-hour workout at moderate pace.

8 Don't think diet – think nutrition: The word 'diet' brings about negative thoughts. Stop reading about the latest fad diet that's out and start thinking nutrient-rich foods – and lots of them!

9 Take your time: If you want to eat less, chew slowly and put down your knife and fork between mouthfuls. By savouring every bite we eat, we can appreciate food.

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