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New year, new you: 45 ways to stay looking younger for longer


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So it's another new year and you're another year older. But what if there was some way to stop time's devastating march? From surgery to sleep, we've tracked down 46 top tips to help you beat the ageing clock.

1 Improve your posture- Widow's stoop can be banished by taking lessons in the Alexander technique. Devotees report feeling up to 20 years younger, and up to three inches taller. Classes start from €55. See Alexandertech-dublin.com or Alexander.ie for details.

2 Eat more oily fish- Nutritionalist Margot Brennan with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute says: "Salmon, mackerel and fresh tuna are not only extremely good for your skin but many surveys suggest that they actively help fight memory loss."

3 Try the Genuine Dermaroller Home Meso-rejuvenation treatment-The handheld roller has 192 tiny needles which, when rolled over skin, stimulate the epidermis and help anti-ageing creams penetrate further. Available from €100. For more details, see genuine dermarollertherapy.co.uk

4 Use lip liner- Get a plump, youthful pout by using a pencil round the outer lip line.

5 Get out in the sun- Sunlight, eggs and fish are all excellent sources of Vitamin D, which is vital in fighting ageing. Just 15-20 minutes in the sun is all it takes ...

6 ... but any longer and wear sun screen- The sun's rays are one of the most potent agents in the ageing process and harmful to skin. Wear at least an SPF of 15 and make-up that contains protection.

7 Learn to use concealer properly- Dark circles get more prominent with age. Debbie Taaffe, head make-up artist at Bella Make Over Studio Dublin explains: "It's important to use a concealer specifically for use under the eyes because it has a lighter consistency and won't sit on fine lines."

8 Wear matt eyeshadows - Powder shades sit in lines but a matt base glides over little grooves.

9 Consider Botox - Crows feet, frown lines and deep creases between the eyebrows can all disappear with botox. Treatments from The Hospital Group (thehospitalgroup.ie) start from €295.

10 Lay off the coffee -Drinking too much caffeine dehydrates the skin, leaving it looking tired and older than necessary.

11 Have your eyebrows professionally shaped- A good eyebrow shape gives definition to the face and opens the eye -- like a mini (much more cost-efficient) face lift.

12 Take up Yoga-It keeps the spine young, makes skin glow, reduces stress (and stress-induced wrinkles). See yoga.ie and yogadublin.com for classes.

13 Be brave with a new hairstyle- Changing the 'do' that you've maintained for over a decade can be the quickest way to looking and feeling better and younger.

14 Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Serum- No further explanation needed.

15 Don't forget your hands. It's not just the face that ages-Aisling McDermott from beaut.ie explains: "Prune-like hands will give away your age quicker than anything else. Buy a hand cream."

16 Get your five a day and plenty of vitamin C- Feeling good inside = looking good outside.

17 Try a chemical peel- Shave years off in under an hour by removing damaged top layers of skin. Chemical peels start at €150 with a free consultation from the Hospital Group.

18 Avoid the 'mutton dressed as lamb' route at all costs- "The key to looking younger is not to try dressing younger," says Liz Greehy from stylebible.ie. "Youthful tricks are layering T-shirts and incorporating one or two very current trends into your look to show you have your finger on the pulse."

19 Go down the herbal route -Plenty of herbs have ancient associations with youth-giving properties, in particular ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea. Find a full list at youngnhappy.com

20 Drink more water -Flush out toxins and keep skin looking fresh

21 Discover the magic of night cream- Clarins Younger Longer balm is so hi-tech it comes with a user manual but experts are hailing it as an elixir. Priced €89.40 from House of Fraser.

22 Whiten your teeth- Try a teeth whitening procedure either from a dentist (City Dental has offers staring from €245) or with a home kit (€49.95 from iwhite.ie)

23 Don't smoke- One of the largest factors in premature ageing in women is smoking. It affects the flexibility of skin leading to wrinkles ... and the damage inside is even worse.

24 Choose a new hair colour (wisely) -Hairstylist Cathy McNulty advises: "Use gentle tones and soft colouring. As we age, skin tone loses pigmentation as well as our hair and using too vibrant a shade can leave skin looking washed out."

25 Don't diet -Extreme dieting can leave your face looking concave and haggard.

26 Change your skincare regime- "Just like with make-up, many people keep the same skincare regime and products going forever and are surprised when the moisturiser they loved 'no longer works'. It does still work -- but not on you," says Aisling McDermott from Irish beauty blog, beaut.ie. "As we get older requirements change, keeping your routine fresh will instantly make you look younger."

27 Take a younger love-r There's got to be something behind the mantra you're only as young as the man in your life makes you feel. Just look at Demi Moore, Sam Taylor Wood and Madonna.

28 Start pumping iron- Lifting weights keeps the body in growth mode rather than degeneration. It keeps the metabolic rate high, makes you strong and helps create a fuller shape.

29 Avoid heavy foundation- It will sit on every fine line and wrinkle.

30 Try the Tua Tre'nd- Use at home for a half-hour session and in two weeks you'll see a difference in lines, wrinkles, sagging and skin tone. Available online from tinarichards.com priced €230.

31 Join J-Lo, Posh and Gwynnie and start drinking green tea- Its antioxidant properties have long been synonymous with slowing down the signs of ageing.

32 Copy Cheryl Cole -False eyelashes can open up the eye and create fuller lashes if your lashes have become sparse. Or achieve a similar wide-eyed innocent look by curling your eyelashes -- best done fresh out of the shower when lashes are more pliable and less likely to break.

33 Get your beauty sleep- When you're asleep all the cells in you body repair and recover; it's a nightly release from the daily effects of stress.

34 Indulge in spritzing- Keep skin hydrated with regular spritzing. Rosewater in particular is great for refreshing and toning skin to give it a glow.

35 Give up, or at least regulate, your alcohol intake- Sadie Frost ditched the liquor and shaved years off her age. She now looks younger (not nine years older) than her hard-partying friend Kate Moss

36 Plump up your face- Fillers injected beneath the skin can plump up creased areas of the face, giving fullness to lips and cheeks. Prices start from €320.

37 Laugh more- Forget about 'laughter lines' it's stress lines that are the real ager.

38 Exfoliate- It gets rid of dead skin, prompts cell renewal and makes skin reflect more light, appearing more youthful and radiant.

39 Banish dark circles- Apparently one Garnier Nutritionalist Caffeine Eye Roll (€14.50 from Boots) is sold every 30 seconds. The reason why? It hydrates, refreshes and tightens skin with just a wave of the wand.

40 Exercise- There's nothing to beat regular cardio workouts to keep your muscles fit and toned, for a younger-looking body.

41 Invest in some work- If you go down the procedures route, check out the Silhouette face lift, done under local anaesthetic and without hospitalisation (prices start at €2,500 from The Hospital Group)

42 Sleep on your back- If you sleep on a pillow your skin can mould to the folds on the pillow, while lying on your back is a prime way to counter gravity. Bedfellows will just have to accept that snoring is the cost of your youthful visage.

43 Learn facial exercises- Anti-ageing guru Eva Fraser's Facial Workout guides you through gravity defying steps. €10.30 from Easons.

44 Realise that night cream is an investment but doesn't have to break the bank- Tesco Skin Wisdom skin care range merges traditional ingredients and new research in a budget-friendly range that delivers.

45 Have more sex- It's good for the heart, cardiovascular system and endocrine system; the perfect workout.

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