Sunday 17 December 2017

Michelle Heaton shows off her post-baby weight loss

Photo: Michelle Heaton/Twitter
Photo: Michelle Heaton/Twitter

Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has shown off her impressive baby weight loss via her Twitter page.

Michelle is now back to her pre-baby weight of 8st 6lbs after three months of intensive exercise and dieting.

The 32-year-old, who put on 3 stone while she was pregnant, gave birth to her daughter Faith five months ago.

Although a keen exercise fan, the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star had to wait two months before she could return to the gym. Faith was born via emergency caesarean section and Michelle, who also suffers from an irregular pulse, was advised by doctors to wait at least six weeks before she started exercising again. She waited a further two weeks before starting her new regime.

But she is obviously pleased with the results of her hard work.

She tweeted: “Check pic guys - thought it would fall off after going (sic) birth - I was wrong - it's been a long 5 months! But I'm back! Whoop.”

Her personal trainer husband, Hugh Hanley, added: 'Check wife @wonderwomanshel as she reaches her goal of returning to her pre baby weight. It’s to inspire not to hate !!

“These pictures are un airbrushed and taken on a iPhone... Shel worked out at home and achieved her results like anyone can with dedication.”

However, one Twitter user wrote: “When does she spend time with her baby? Looks like all she’s done has work out. Nothing to be proud of that.”

Michelle replied that she spent 45 minutes a day working out while Faith napped and also stated that she did not have a nanny.

“Do you really think I can afford a nanny. I wish! I don’t work much. My husband is a normal guy. Nannies r not an option,” she tweeted.

In response to the criticisms she received she said “So funny how some people don't believe that basic hard work, focus and a great supportive husband can achieve what I did.....”

“If u wanna feel good about yourself you do it! Simple! Stop looking for excuses.”

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