Wednesday 21 February 2018

Make mine a slimdaloo - how a take-away could help you lose weight.

Sinead Van Kampen

The ability of Indian and Thai food to help us shed those pounds has sparked a storm of interest after research by scientists building on previous studies indicating that cayenne pepper and fiery chillies can aid weight loss.

It seems that turning up the heat not only helps us burn fat, but it can also help us stay out of the kitchen.

In one study at the University of California, subjects on varied diet combinations were asked to take fresh or powdered peppers at mealtimes to study the effects on the body of capsaicin, a compound commonly found in hot pepper and chillies.

Surprisingly, body temperatures of subjects increased for long periods after meals. Not only did the spices help to increase the metabolism of those tested, but over a 28 day period rates at which body fat is broken down through the process of oxidation were also increased.

In a different study by diet experts in the US, effects of taking a sprinkling of fresh chopped chillies or a small dose of cayenne pepper with food suggest that as well as a slimmer figure, the dreaded hunger pangs that are the downside of every diet can be reduced.

For long periods after meals, researchers noted that cravings for salty, sweet and fatty food groups were reduced in subjects who were given a 1g serving of hot pepper.

Avoiding the urge to crack into those Poppadum's and choosing dishes like grilled Lamb Massala, spicy Poached Chicken Salad or Thai staples like Tom Yam Gai, it seems a quick call to our local Indian restaurant and night in front of the TV could soon be considered a diet triumph rather than a diet disaster.

On this evidence, we predict the humble curry will soon become the hottest diet in town.

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