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Low self-esteem cause women to avoid the beach


According to new research, over half of women in the UK will say no to a beach holiday this year because they would rather stay put than wear a bikini.

The study carried out by Harley Street clinic LoveLite asked 1,000 women in the UK how their body confidence issues faired when it came to bikini season - so bad say some 53 per cent of us that we'll actually say no to that beach holiday altogether.

If the lure of the sunshine knows no body confidence bounds then those of us that do make it to the beach will simply suffer in stomach-sucking silence. 93 per cent of us will constantly hold in our midriff while on the beach, a quarter of us will hide our muffin-top, hips and thighs with a sarong, and that's after half of us have tried five diets or more to trim down before we've even get there.

Unsurprisingly, with only one per cent of British women claiming to have no body hang-ups whatsoever, six out of ten of us will go out of our way to avoid holiday snaps in our swimmers too - bingo wings and bottoms to blame for our apparent camera shyness.

Apparently we're not all going on a summer holiday, just a diet.


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