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Katherine Jenkins on the svelte side after Dancing with the Stars


Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

Classical singer Katherine Jenkins is displaying one known side effect of appearing on TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – super slimness.

At the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London, she showed off a notably slimmer frame, a result she says is of her intensive work-out on the show.

Although Katherine clearly didn’t need to lose any weight to begin with, the weight-loss side effects of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ have become so well documented, that celebrities are rushing to sign up to the show.

Marie Osmond, Chaz Bono, Kelly Osborne, Ricki Lake and Jane Seymour are just some of the celebrities who say that taking part in the show resulted in a dramatic difference, weight-loss wise.

Kirstie Alley claims that she lost an incredible 100lb and went down ten dress sizes during her stint on the show.

Katherine’s loss is certainly more moderate.

The singer reckons she lost in the region of 1 ½ stones of 21 pounds but says she doesn’t like being quite so slim.

'I prefer being curvy and so feel like I am a little on the thin side at the moment,' she said.

'But on one day I eat pizza, chocolate cake, ice cream, two enormous salads along with a side of chips and it is not making any difference because of the training.'

Until we actually reach that lofty position of star status, we can only hope that the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ exercise DVD hits shops soon.