Friday 6 December 2019

Karl Henry: Time to knuckle down - and listen to the experts' advice

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Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Weight loss can be such a rollercoaster journey and if anything this week proved that. At this early stage in the show, we would expect most of our leaders to hit their targets, but it was a tough week, with primary school teacher Noeleen Lynam being the only leader to succeed.

These targets may seem high at the start, but we set them from experience, and each target is relative to what we expect each leader to be able to achieve.

We're only a few weeks in, and there have been such dramatic changes to the leaders' lifestyles and diets that we know they should be able to hit those targets. It's frustrating when they don't and sometimes we have to be firm.

That was the case this week with John Conmy, our leader from Belmullet. John had a very poor diet before the show started, with unhealthy eating habits and drinking more than 30 pints a week. This week, an old knee injury flared up and he was given great advice by his physiotherapist - advice that he chose to ignore.

Even with the best of intentions, it was the wrong decision. With just eight weeks on the show, the leaders need to make the most of the opportunity, and going against expert advice just isn't good enough.

So Dr Eddie Murphy and I came down hard on John, simply because we want the very best for him and in the end I think John will agree that it helped him.

If you're in pain, you've got to seek professional advice and you've got to follow that advice. Regardless of how motivated you may be to do some work, that rest will be better for you.

This week we also saw leaders Clare Scanlan and Lucy Dillon miss their targets. They highlighted a really important aspect of getting fit: to get the very best results, you have to knuckle down and work hard.

When you make dramatic changes to your lifestyle and your diet, the initial results generally come quickly. Then it becomes more difficult, as your body becomes used to those changes, and as you get fitter you have to work harder to get the results.

I think many people around the country make this mistake and get frustrated when they don't get results. Both Clare and Lucy need to knuckle down this week and smash their targets next week.

This week was a real turning point for Lucy as she began to move forward from the loss of her mother to cancer.

It's important to deal with emotional issues like that, and I think Dr Eddie has done great work with her. That will be a great benefit to her as the show gets tougher.

And that brings me to poor Dan Kennedy, who has been in hospital with severe colitis, a bowel condition that left him unable to do any of his exercises or food plans this week.

In all the years of 'Operation Transformation', this must be the hardest thing any of our leaders has had to deal with.

To get into the show and then be unable to participate is difficult, but Dan is a fantastic leader and will be back training as soon as he can.

As we head into week four, the plans start to get tough, the results are harder to come by and the leaders have to stay focused. It's also the time on the show when our role as experts really kicks in - so watch this space.

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