Wednesday 20 November 2019

Karl Henry: Start your own Operation Transformation with some simple routines that work

Leading the way: Kayleigh, Mary, Gary, Operation Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas, Triona and James
Leading the way: Kayleigh, Mary, Gary, Operation Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas, Triona and James
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Ahhhh routine, glorious routine. There is nothing quite like it. Now that the schools are back, the traffic is back, after-school activities are back and life is back to normal again. It's time to get your health back to where it was pre-summer, tighten that waistline and set some new targets for the next few months, before Christmas party season takes its toll on the waistline again.

If you're like me, routine is crucial in life. I train better with it, work better with it and feel better with it.

Your health really benefits from having a routine where you regulate your food by eating three main meals with two snacks in between. Plan in a treat to your routine, and enjoy it. It's worth getting in a routine where you shop for healthy foods once a week, and map out your exercise routine, with resistance and cardiovascular training along with at least one rest day each week.

How does that sound? Difficult? Well our new series of Celebrity Operation Transformation, which begins tomorrow night on RTÉ1, will be showing you just how to do it: the highs and the lows, the easy and the hard, the progress you can make and the benefits of structure on your health.

Our five Operation Transformation leaders this year are: singers Mary Byrne and Kayleigh Cullinan; Sunday Independent journalist Triona McCarthy; Chef Gary O'Hanlon and blogger and social media sensation James Patrice.

As usual we will be guiding the leaders along the way, reacting to whatever happens and trying to fix it.

I am always asked why the show is so popular; it's now in its 11th year and going stronger than ever, I am lucky enough to have been there from the very beginning, and I have always believed the popularity of Operation Transformation is due to the fact that we see ourselves in the leaders: the struggles they go through, the reasons for gaining weight in the first place, the busyness of their lives, their emotional relationship with food and every other struggle they have.

What we see on the TV screen is a reflection of ourselves. This is the reason we become so engaged with the leaders, follow their journey, cry with them, laugh with them and are so proud of them when they complete the journey.

On the show, each leader will represent a different body type and shape and will have a plan built around that shape in terms of food and exercise.

The Operation Transformation website allows viewers at home to follow the health plan of the person to which they are closest aligned in terms of body type. The site will have a daily video to show you what you need to do in terms of exercise and food, with recipes and shopping lists. Nothing scary, nothing unrealistic or nothing too hard, just simple techniques that work, that will get you in great shape, fit, healthy and reduce the inches around your waistline.

Above, all it's free.

Every element of the journey you go through will be exactly what the five leaders are doing on screen each week. The results will amaze you.

The exercise component can be done at home, without equipment and I do the workout with you. So what are you waiting for? Log on to, pick your leader to follow, take some measurements and off you go. Establish a new routine for life!

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