Monday 23 April 2018

Karl Henry: 'Let us help you find a healthier you'

As he gears up for his ninth season, 'Operation Transformation' trainer Karl Henry is urging you at home to play along

Karl Henry's Operation Transformation column will appear in the Irish Independent and on every Thursday.
Karl Henry's Operation Transformation column will appear in the Irish Independent and on every Thursday.

Karl Henry

Ten years. That makes me feel old. This series of Operation Transformation will be the ninth, and in the very beginning it all started on 2fm with Gerry Ryan.

Since then the show has grown into the biggest health awareness movement that Ireland has ever seen.

To the right, you see the newest leaders of this year's show, five incredibly brave people who are willing to change their lives and in doing so, motivate people around the country to change theirs.

I've been lucky enough to have been involved since day one. It is something I'm very proud of and am passionate about. In today's column, I thought I would give you the beginners' guide to the show, what it is, what is new this year, and what you can gain from watching.

Every year, our goal is to get the country moving, thinking and eating better - all with a view to improving their overall health.

We have five leaders, of different weights and shapes. The concept being that you can identify with one of the leaders and follow their programme for free, to lose 10pc of your body weight over eight weeks.

It's not the biggest loser; the aim is sustainable weight and fat loss, helping you to make a lifelong change.

Once you pick your leader, you can log onto the website and click on your leader on the homepage. Now you have an eight-week plan, delivered daily, of exercise and food, all through video.

Aoife will cook with you, I will work out with you, helping you get the very best results. Every week, you will be able to follow the ups and downs of your leader, no doubt reflecting the journey you are going through yourself.

The workouts you can do for free at home, using water bottles as weights and there is a 0-5k training plan too. I believe if you can walk or jog 5k then you can dramatically change your health. The workouts can be done at any age and take no more than 30 minutes. This year you will have an Operation Transformation ambassador at your local Parkrun to help you.

You will also have Operation Transformation radio every Saturday morning on 2fm with myself and Louise McSharry, to keep you motivated and focused.

There will be workout challenges during each episode, designed to get you off the couch during the ad break, with some celebrity friends to help.

There will also be live workouts after the show during the week, adding great new exercises.

Over the eight weeks we have national health days to help you too, such as the national walk days - all free and all nationwide. Each leader will need a different approach and we help in any way that we can to ensure they get the very best from their time on the show. Sometimes this means that we have to be firm, but we always aim to help as much as possible.

Let the five people on this page motivate you. Let us help you.

You will cry with them, laugh with them, be proud of them and see so much of your own journey in theirs. And at the end of the eight weeks, you will be fitter, healthier, lighter, more toned and in better shape. You will have learned new recipes and how to shop for healthier foods.

In other words, what are you waiting for? Log on to, and get healthy for life.

Karl Henry's Operation Transformation column will appear in the Irish Independent and on every Thursday

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