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Karl Henry: How long does change take? Just 10 seconds


Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Healthy coconut oil salad dressing

Healthy coconut oil salad dressing


Karl Henry

Ask anyone what their short-term goals are and the majority will say they need to get more active and more focused, doing more to achieve their specific goals. What if I was to tell you it only takes 10 seconds to achieve this? Sounds too easy, doesn't it?

In reality, though, it really is that simple. Whether you are learning the guitar or taking up knitting or going for a jog, all that you need to do is focus on doing it for 10 seconds.

If you can do something new for 10 seconds, then you have already overcome the single biggest factor holding you back - your own mind.

It's actually beginning an activity that defeats so many people - especially when it comes to exercising. You're much more likely to quit sitting on the couch without having even tried a workout than you are once you get going and start to feel the burn.

Think about the times you haven't adopted the 10 second rule. How many times in life have you put something off instead of giving it a try? And how many times have you found the thoughts of a gym session are worse than the reality of the workout?

If you can push yourself past the initial mental block, chances are you will keep going. That's why the first 10 seconds are the critical time for beginning to enact change in your life.

Next time you go to exercise, forget about the length of the session or the severity. Just aim for those first 10 seconds. The rest is easy!

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