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Karl Henry - enjoying training is the key to success

Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

I recently went to my local gym for a new programme to tone up and lose weight and the trainer recommended that I need to get stronger, building a programme with six reps and five sets, is this the right programme for me?

Strength and condition have become the trend of the year when it comes to training.

It's in vogue and many of the courses for trainers now focus purely on strength training. To be honest, it is hard to say if your programme is correct - strength training may be exactly what you need but done as part of a more rounded programme.

All forms of resistance training, no matter what reps, sets or exercise combinations that you do, will improve your strength. Whether it's 20 reps or two reps, three sets or 10, once you are doing resistance training you are getting stronger. I suppose the question to ask is, how strong do you want to get?

By getting stronger you will:

Improve your posture

Reduce your risk of injury

Reduce muscle wastage

Increase your lean muscle tissue

Help to fire up your metabolism

Tone up

The above list will happen with all resistance training, but personally I believe that most women don't really care about the amount of weight they can deadlift or benchpress, so why should you train this way unless they are your goals?

It's not that you will build lots of muscle, because the reality is you won't, but you will certainly change your shape.

There are some strength and conditioning specialists who are fantastic, they know what they are doing and will give you the body you require and the shape you want even with this style of training, but there are so many who don't have the knowledge, who will develop the physique you don't want.

Your skinny jeans will stop fitting, your shoulders rounding and your front deltoids overdeveloping. Not a great look unless that's the look you want.

I have always said that you should look at the physique of other clients that the trainer or class have, as this will give you a good guide to the training philosophy of the company. We do know that of all forms of training, resistance is the best you can do. It will deliver the most benefits of any training style, so it is crucial to do. It's especially beneficial when combined with stretching and cardiovascular training.

As always, with any form of training, one of the key components of your training is that you enjoy it. No matter what training you do, you have to enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the greater the chance that you will keep it going all year round. It is very hard to keep training when you aren't enjoying something, so ensure you enjoy your training programme!

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