Monday 14 October 2019

It's the incredible shrinking Weldons – how family of nine lost a ton of weight

The Weldons
The Weldons
The Weldons before they trimmed down.

Elaine Keogh

THEY are a large family but the Weldons, from Dublin, are becoming smaller every day.

All nine members of the clan – Triona, Jack, Olivia, Barbara, Sophie, Louise, Ger, Grace and Jade – are committed to losing weight and getting healthy.

The most inspiring member is Jack (12), who now enjoys playing sport with his family and friends after changing what he eats and losing three-and-a-half stone.

"I have more energy now and more confidence and before I would never go out because other children would be nasty to me," he said.

His mum Triona (43) joined her son in losing weight and said that, "once you get into the swing of it, it is natural and part of your routine".

The mum and son have been joined by her siblings and their children and all nine Weldons lost weight after joining the Slimming World group in Skerries a year ago.

Olivia (37), a sister of Triona, is a diabetic but her lifestyle change has brought it under control to such an extent she is no longer on insulin injections and now takes tablets.

Olivia has also lost three stone: "I am vegetarian and I love having extra vegetables with my meals."

Another sister, Barbara (38), has lost two stone. "Before I lost the weight I lived in tracksuits. I feel so much better about myself," she said.

Her daughter Sophie (20) has also lost weight. Louise (42) who is pregnant with her fifth child said: "On my last two pregnancies my extra weight led to problems and me having to go into hospital.

"This time I had lost two-and-a-half stone and I can honestly say I feel much better. I definitely think losing the weight helped my fertility."

A few weeks ago her niece, Jade, had her first baby and has lost any baby weight.

The Weldons have lost 16 stone and 7 pounds – almost 105kg – and say they're not finished yet.

"It's the small things that can make a change. I never ate fruit before and now I will have fruit  rather than a biscuit with a cup of tea" Triona said.

Louise admitted it took her about two weeks to adapt to the eating advice from Slimming World while Barbara said she still enjoys a glass of wine at the weekend.

Ger (32) and daughter Grace (18) have also joined in the weight-loss and have found it "better than other weight loss plans we have tried."

This article originally appeared in The Herald.

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