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'I wanted to get into shape -- but was tired of the gym'

Sinéad Houlihan (27), from Swords, Co Dublin, is getting ready for winter by taking part in a boot camp.

"After my summer holidays I had eaten and drunk so much that I felt horrible when I got back.

"I wanted to start something that would get me into shape but I was tired of going to the gym doing the same thing," Sinéad says.

Bounce Fitness boot camp is constantly changing, from squats and lunges, sprints and hopping through tires, the class is never at a standstill.

The boot camp has helped Sinéad lose weight and tone up, while having fun.

She says: "I am never bored and it's a great way to get that bit of fresh air you normally wouldn't.

"Motivation is not a problem," she says, "because I have committed to this I feel I have to go."

Now Sinéad is able to indulge once in a while. "Because I train every Tuesday and Thursday I don't feel guilty getting a takeaway on Friday, or going out for the night."

Bounce Fitness boot camps offers competitive rates from €65 for 10 sessions or €100 for a couple.

For more information, visit www.bouncefitness.ie/ bootcamp/

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