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'I hated my beanpole figure as a teen', says Jourdan Dunn


Jourdan Dunn used to want to hide away because of her "skinny" figure.

The 23-year-old model began her career at a young age when she walked during New York Fashion Week in 2007. Before this she didn't feel comfortable in her own skin.

"I was very tall and lanky and I wasn't really feeling myself when I was growing up at all. Especially because, coming from a Caribbean background, curves are celebrated and me being really tall and skinny wouldn't [be]. So I was like... didn't want to go out or be seen or anything," she sighed to vogue.co.uk.

"When I started, when I went to New York, I think I was 16 on my own, [and] my mobile bill was like crazy because every minute I was on the phone to my mum crying, complaining, more crying and more complaining."


49. Jourdan Dunn

49. Jourdan Dunn

49. Jourdan Dunn


Edie Campbell was also present during the interview, which was held as part of the Vogue Festival. The fashion star - whose first big job was alongside Kate Moss in a Burberry campaign - was also insecure as a teenager.

"I was not pretty growing up. I had really bad orthodontics and, um, a very big forehead. I was a vision, but not in a good way," Edie mused. "You get put on set and they're like, OK, we need you to be a grown up now. You've got to take charge and command the room. I found it really weird for a really long time. That thing of like, dance monkey dance."

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Karlie Kloss sat for the chat as well. Karlie recalled her first experiences of being a model and her eating habits at the time.

"I was so focused on ballet and on school and on being an awkward 6ft 13-year-old girl... I started out not giving a care or a thought about what I ate, I was 15 years old a bean pole," she smiled.



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