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'I feel more happy and healthy now than ever'

Singer Kathy Nugent (54) from Dublin bucks the trend and reckons being middle-aged is great.

The mum-of-five says: "I have to say I've never felt better. Professionally I feel more focused and I've built up an established client base for gigs.

"Of course I would like more work, but I think most people in any age group would say that.

"My two sons are very athletic and they've really inspired me to take control of my health and exercise regime.

"They're always keeping me right in what's going against me at my age and what I need to do and eat to counter that.

"I cycle, I go for brisk walks and I run. I look at my mum and I've no memory of her ever going out exercising at my age.

"She would have fairly bad health and osteoporosis but I feel healthier and happier now than ever before."

Irish Independent