Monday 9 December 2019

how to look this good at 42

Readers who saw this picture of Jennifer Aniston in yesterday's paper will have had two thoughts. Firstly 'Wow' and second 'How does she do it?'

Well unsurprisingly being able to pull off a leather dress at 42 doesn't come without a certain amount of hard work. When she was presented with the Decade Of Hotness award at the Spike TV awards last month she revealed her biggest secret is running every day, even if it means getting up early to squeeze in a jog before filming at 6am.

She's rumoured to be a fan of aqua running too, spending 15 minutes a day in special treadmills waist deep in water or in the pool.

Yoga is her passion with those long, lean legs and strong arms coming from Bikram yoga practised in 40 degree heat.

Every six weeks she gets her hair cut and looks after it carefully by drying naturally and gently combing after showers.

The dewy complexion is down to washing night and day with Neutrogena face wash, using Dr Hauscha moisturiser and drinking up to three litres of water daily.

Despite being linked to extreme diets in the past, Jen's nutritionist insists the actress's secret is portion control with high protein, low carbs and plenty of fruit and veg.

Aniston said recently: "I eat really healthy but I've never been a fanatic. You're not taking away my coffee or my dairy or my glass of wine because I'd be devastated. My advice is just don't eat s***. every day!"

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