Thursday 19 April 2018

How to get competition ready

Alison O'Riordan

Lifestyle change

"I don't drink any more as I don't enjoy it," says Marsh. "I had a glass of red wine with dinner for my victory celebration for coming first place in America and this one glass of red wine made me want to go to sleep, as I don't drink any more.

"I did think afterwards, 'why did I do that?' as it made me feel terrible. I stay in now on a Friday or Saturday night with friends, or I'm at the gym."


Three hours of cardio and one hour of weights daily, including concentrating on a different part of the body, from back and biceps to legs, abs and glutes.

Also, endless hours of posing and flexing muscles in the mirror.


"The diet changes the whole time, it's very healthy," says Marsh. "I eat lots of protein and carbohydrates including brown rice and sweet potato; good clean carbs.

"I eat lots of eggs as I'm a vegetarian and protein shakes. It changes all the way through, as a week before the competition I eat no carbs at all, solely protein.

"Then you change again -- you do a massive carb up where you only eat carbs and then three days before competition you dehydrate yourself, which is very intense. It changes on a daily basis," she explains.

"Bad food doesn't make me feel good physically. If I eat unhealthy food, I feel tired and bloated, while when I'm eating healthily I have loads of energy and feel good," Marsh adds.

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