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How to avoid a big fat wedding


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding was the ultimate fairytale for many women who were glued to their screens watching the ceremony. Some ladies I know took it a step further and organised a party which they attended in their own wedding dresses while they reminisced about their special day. I admire their ability to fit into their dresses 20-odd years later!

A groom's vision of the dream day may not be congruent with that of his bride's. This is the reason shows like 'Don't Tell The Bride' have made such compulsive viewing. In an episode of the RTE programme, Anthony Eames and his fiancée Doireann were given €10,000 to stage their dream wedding. The only catch was that Anthony had to organise everything in three weeks.

That meant he had to buy the wedding dress, choose the venue, organise the flowers, buy the bridesmaids' dresses, sort the transport, music and deal with the mother-in-law. To make things interesting, the couple had no communication during the three weeks.


The time and attention to detail put into organising a wedding is staggering. But how much time did you put into how you would look on your special day?

It is often my experience to receive a phone call from a panicking bride with three weeks to go to get in shape for her special day. I pride myself on my ability to coach people into great shape but Paul Daniels I am not.

Most fitness and physique competitors will start their training plan at least 16 weeks prior to competition.

As for the panicking bride, it is not like she just got engaged the day before I receive the phone call. It is this last-minute planning and desperation that sees many brides look for quick-fixes like shakes, diet pills and appetite suppressants.

These methods may see you lose weight for the big day but you will rebound with a massive weight gain as soon as you have the ring on your finger.

Others may rely on Spanx underwear to get the figure they desire but as soon as you shed your garments on the sun-drenched beach on your honeymoon the truth will be revealed.

A recent survey on Irish weddings, conducted among 1,200 people, found that the average length of time for an engagement is two years. The survey broke down the spend on cosmetic makeovers for the big day but there was no mention of a budget for health and well-being.

So if it takes two years to bring to fruition your vision of your perfect day, you should include a vision of how you will look and feel. Not just for your wedding, but your honeymoon and the lifetime you will spend with your partner.

The best plans are always made in conjunction with an expert. They can spot the icebergs so that you can avoid them and they will give you ideas on how to get where you want sooner. So in addition to a wedding planner, you should get a personal trainer and nutritionist too.

The earlier you start training, the less stress and anxiety you will feel as the time approaches. Don't forget that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good.

Faced with time constraints, females seeking to lose fat can alternate a lower body exercise, like a split squat, with an upper back exercise like a pulldown.

This works the heart in what is called peripheral heart-flow making the blood pump from the quadriceps on the front on the thigh to the upper back.

This style of training can be continued for the rest of the body by performing a leg curl for the hamstrings on the back of the leg with a chest press or press-ups.


Kate Middleton is crediting the Dukan diet for her slimmed-down wedding day look. This kind of paleo diet involves eating proteins and vegetables and no processed foods. Eat the foods that we, as a species, have evolved on and your liver will thank you and you will look and feel better on your special day.

Your body needs a reason to change. Tears approaching your wedding day may get you sympathy but sweat in the early stages with a well thought-out plan will get you results.

Training does not need to take you a long time. Sprint intervals not only take less time than long boring cardio runs but they will also get you in shape faster.

The photographs of your wedding will adorn your home and that of your families and friends for years to come. Have no regrets on how you will look by making the time now to be in the best shape of your life.


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