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How I do it: Vogue Williams


Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

The exercise programme "I wake up around 7.30 and I will always bring my dog Winston for a walk first thing; he will stare me down until he gets brought out, so his walk is the top of my list everyday.

Most weeks, I train five or six times. I'll always fit it in, even if it means getting up crazy early. I do lots of free weights and high-intensity workouts."

Vogue spends much of her time in London. "I do a lot of classes that incorporate the same types of training. You will never see me on the bike or treadmill for long periods of time; I just use them for one-minute sprints between sets.

"When I'm in Dublin I get a lot of personal training sessions or I'll go out for lots of long walks with my dog and catch up with friends at the same time."

Though she's a model first and foremost, working out is about far more than physical appearances for Vogue. "I have quite bad anxiety so working out keeps that at bay, it makes me feel healthy in my body and mind and it's why I love it so much."

While she succeeds in staying focused for the most part, she's all about the self-compassion too. "I stay focused on training because I see it as part of my job, and I hate the way I feel if I don't train too. But of course I have days where I don't feel like training and if I really don't want to, I'll just take the day off and train harder the next day."

The food programme For Vogue, eating clean is do-able if you've got a reward coming down the line: "I try to eat clean all week and always have a cheat day on weekends so I don't crave sweet things and pizza in between. A typical day would start off with egg and avocado on two slices of toast and a giant mug of tea. For lunch I would have soup or a sandwich but lunch is usually on the go so I could have anything really. I have a protein shake after the gym, which I make with vanilla protein, a banana, almond milk, ice and a spoonful of peanut butter. I would snack on hummus and oatcakes or berries. Fruit is surprisingly high in sugar so I try to stick with berries. For dinner I have a stir fry with brown rice or courgetti bolognese." But all of this clean eating doesn't come without the odd treat: "After dinner I have some Greek yoghurt with mixed nuts, blueberries and agave syrup, I love it. I wouldn't always have chocolate but if I do it would be dark chocolate with orange."

And as for those hard-earned cheat days? "Oh, I'll have anything; burgers, pizza, Chinese and possibly all three in one day. I don't deprive myself of something if I really want it; I'll just be better the next day."

Vogue's top 3 tips

* Avoid crash dieting

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* Find the time to train every week and commit; plan it out in advance

* It's all about balance. If you want a day off and a pizza delivery, make up for it the next day

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