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Monday 23 October 2017

Holly Carpenter's health heroes

Former Miss Ireland

Model Holly Carpenter.
Model Holly Carpenter.


Protect your immune system by taking plenty of supplements and vitamins each morning. Zinc and and calcium are great to prevent getting colds and flues! I take D3 and fish oil capsules with every meal.


I make Kale crisps by drying out leaves of kale in the oven with lemon juice and salt and sometimes snack on unsalted cashews.


I’m on the paleo diet (also known as the ‘caveman diet’) which is more of a lifestyle choice than a strict diet. I avoid processed foods, sugar, wheat and carbs and eat plenty of greens, eggs, meat and fish. I only ever cook things with coconut oil.


I love avocados! There are so many different ways to eat them. I love cutting an avocado in half and filling the hole with chopped bacon.


For my skin I use Green Angel skincare products. It’s an Irish company and a lot of their creams and moisturisers contain seaweed and I just love the smell!


I enjoy having a hot bath to relax. I fill the bath with Epsom salts which help relax your muscles and is great for your skin. WORKOUT I work out five days a week with my trainer Sophie in No17 Merrion Square.

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