Monday 22 July 2019

Health Check SOS: Ciara Kelly on the health scare that forced her to re-evaluate her life

Dr Ciara Kelly
Dr Ciara Kelly
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

The nation's favourite doctor, Ciara Kelly, joins Karl Henry on this week's show to talk about her own recent health scare and how that forced her to re-evaluate her health and life situation.

She also talks about her move away from medicine into the media and why she's not afraid to take risks.

Plus, for her health check SOS on the health of the nation, she explains why weight is still the over-riding concern for the country and why prescribing exercise along with advice on food and nutrition has to be the future for medics and the medical profession.

“Heart disease and cancer are the main killers and weight is the common connection in them both,” she explains. “At least half of all cancers can be stopped through lifestyle changes.”

“The future of health is prescribing exercise and it’s already started. Get moving for thirty minutes a day will reduce the risk factors for your health as well as lifting your mood and mental health also.”

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