Sunday 19 November 2017

Half the man he was - Bodybuilder sheds an incredible 31 stone

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Jesse Shand (26) was 50 stone when he resolved to do something about his obesity.

His size meant that he was unable to leave his home or fit in the shower and he became he was trapped in a vicious cycle of negativity.

However he credits those negative thoughts with pushing him towards a bodybuilding website where he found the much needed inspiration to change his life.

After signing up for an account he began a thread called, ‘Ask the fattest man on this site anything,’ along with a picture of himself.

Before and after...
Before and after...

Jesse admitted that he expected to be inundated with insults.

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He said: ‘The thread immediately took off and became one of the most popular discussions on the site.

"To my complete surprise, rather than get a rise out of the community, they started to try to convince me that it was not too late to fix my situation.

"I had a million excuses and reasons that I couldn’t do it.

"I argued that it would take years of dedication and willpower that I simply did not have.

He is fund-raising to have his excess skin removed
He is fund-raising to have his excess skin removed

"Slowly, over time, the many voices wore me down and started to convince me that it was worth another shot," he told

Jesse said he began with small changes to his daily eating habits.

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For example he cut down from eight chicken quesadillas at dinner to seven.

He began counting calories and recording his exercise, and relied on the body building forum for help whenever he needed it.

‘Slowly, but surely, my stamina increased. Eventually (by day 26) I was able to walk laps around my mobile home. Though only a few at first," he said.

He lost an incredible 31 stone, meaning he now weighs just 19 stone.

He is currently fund-raising to have his excess skin  surgically removed.

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