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GUILT FREE TREAT Wholewheat pancakes


Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes

Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes

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Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes

These wholewheat flour pancakes are a healthy breakfast alternative that will keep you fuller for longer.

You will need

150g wholewheat flour

1 egg (add an extra egg white if you want more protein)

200ml slimline milk

Dash of maple syrup


Pour the flour into a bowl. Mix in the egg and most of the milk.

Wait for five to 10 minutes, as the brown flour will soak up more milk than normal. If you don't like your pancakes thick, you can add more milk.

Heat up a frying pan and add a little butter when hot. Pour in some of the batter (cook the pancakes in batches), cover the pan and fry the pancakes. Flip them when bubbles form and they are golden brown.

Add your favourite fruit filling, or just a squeeze of lemon, and serve.

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