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Get fit for 2010

Man standing over group of people doing pushups, side view
Man standing over group of people doing pushups, side view

Independent Woman, in association with Bootcamp Ireland , is giving you the chance to kick-start your body and get into shape for 2010.

This six week programme is designed so that all healthy and physically able adults can take part, at their own pace, and it covers all the main body parts which concern most female Bootcampers.

Each session takes approximately 40-45 mins to complete, and apart from suitable clothing and footwear, you will need no equipment to take part!

You should follow the programme two or three times per week to see the benefits.

This programme incorporates the main components of fitness training (cardiovascular, local muscle endurance and strength, flexibility, and body composition) and is designed to be as time and space effective as possible.

Irish women today have perceptively less time to exercise, so the programme can fit into your day, wherever you are. You will achieve noticeable results within six weeks if you complete sessions as advised and pay attention to good nutrition.

Overall, the programme will help you feel better about yourself, and give you that extra kick towards achieving a healthier and fitter you.

Benefits of exercise

Understanding the benefits of exercise will help motivate you to continue and make exercise a part of your life.

Regular exercise:

• Reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood circulation around the body

• Helps keep your weight under control

• Helps prevents bone loss (osteoporosis)

• Boosts your energy levels

• Improves blood cholesterol levels

• Improves your ability to sleep at night

• Increases muscular strength, which allows you to perform other physical activities

• Can assist in injury prevention

• Helps manage stress

• Releases tension

• Improves your self-image and appearance

• Counters anxiety and depression, increases your enthusiasm and optimism

• Can provide activity for you to share with family or friends

The programme

This Bootcamp Ireland programme is based on some of the practices used in the military, and modified for general population use.

It is designed to keep you moving and motivated throughout your training session.

It has been designed around the ‘cross training’ principle, allowing your body to work hard performing LME (local muscular endurance) exercises, while keeping your heart rate up which will help burn calories as you tone up.

Try your best to keep moving throughout the session to work to your optimum.

Each week your programme will consist of:

• Warm-up

• Pre-stretch

• Cardiovascular and Local Muscular Endurance work

• Abdominal work

• Cool-down

• Post-stretch

What you need:

• Runners/trainers

• Light, comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement

• Bottle of water

• Music, if desired. Research tells us that exercising with music can give you the extra energy required to keep going

• Indoor or outdoor training area. A park is a good place to train

Before you train:

• Avoid eating a heavy meal two hours before you train

• Ideally, have a light snack 90 minutes - two hours before you train, or a banana up to 30 mins beforehand if necessary

• Avoid drinking too many liquids before training (this will help you avoid getting a stitch)

• Give yourself the time to do the programme in full, and commit to it

• Turn off your phone if possible

During your six weeks of training:

• Schedule three training sessions a week. Ideally in the morning, so you cannot build up a list of reasons why you can't fit your exercise session in!

• Maintain a balanced diet, and avoid eating three hours before you go to bed

• If possible, find a partner to train with and motivate each other along the way

• Write down three short-term realistic goals that you would like to achieve within the six weeks

• Give yourself (non-food) rewards each week, for completing the programme

• If you do miss a day, simply pick up where you left off as soon as possible, and make up for it elsewhere, for example by eating less

• Take each training session one at a time

• Concentrate on your technique throughout the exercises. Quality is more important than quantity for effective results

• Don’t take short cuts, such as missing out on warm-ups, stretches and cool-downs

• Don’t obsess about your weight on the scales. How you feel after exercise is more important than losing that pound or two. The benefits will follow

• At the end of the six weeks, keep up your exercise regime, by joining a group that fits around your schedule and can give you what you need. Bootcamp Ireland provide classes for all fitness levels and ages in lots of different locations.

Finally, read Before you start a course of exercise and then you're ready to get stuck in.

Exercise programme: Week One

Thanks to Lorraine Ho and Bootcamp Ireland

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