Tuesday 20 March 2018

Get beach fit in a week: Six minutes to lean shoulders and back

Work out along with fitness experts Mick Barrett and Laura Connick as they focus on shaping your back in just six minutes.

When working out, focus is often on shaping and toning our legs, arms and stomach, and our back is frequently last on our list.

Yet, targeting the muscles in the shoulders and your upper and lower back can strengthen and improve your overall posture, increase flexibility and help to ward off injuries.

Trainers Mick Barrett and Laura Connick, from Dromcondra-based Active You gym are experts when it comes to achieving fitness. The pair have devised a series of 6 minute, effective workouts designed to challenge those of all levels of fitness from beginner to the super buff.

VIDEO - Get Beach Fit in a week: Six minutes to strong and toned arms 

“The third part of our Active 6 workout focuses on strengthening your shoulders as well as your upper and lower back which are often neglected in workouts,” said Mick Barrett, trainer and owner at Active You gym.

“This workout can be modified for those at the beginner level of fitness, as we demonstrate, but also challenges those looking for a more hard-core routine.

“Try and push yourself to the maximum of your capabilities and you’ll work up to a faster pace,” he said.

Laura Connick, trainer at Active You, stresses that although fitness and exercise are a huge component of a healthy lifestyle, diet also plays an important part. The trainers are advocates of healthy eating and good nutrition.

VIDEO - Get beach fit in a week: Six minutes to strong and toned legs 

After an intense workout Laura recommends a combination of protein and carbohydrates to replenish.

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“After your workout carbohydrates should always be consumed. It's a misconception that the body needs only protein after a workout.”

“The body needs a combination of both so add some oats to your protein shake or have a bowl (30g) of porridge topped with a spoon of Greek yoghurt,” she said.

The gym hosts a unique series of classes called Active 6 which features all of the workouts in this week’s series.

For more information visit activeyou.ie, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out yesterday's workout focusing on strengthening and toning your legs.

Active You, 40 Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9

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