Sunday 21 January 2018

Five things you can do to stop snoring

1 Breathe through the nose by first unblocking it. The Buteyko method suggests taking a small breath through the nose and then breathing out through the nose.

Then hold your nose and nod your head or sway until you feel a very strong need for air, let go and breathe in (always through the nose) and calm your breath immediately. Wait a minute, then repeat five or six times and this will decongest the nose for a quiet night's sleep.

2 Don't sleep on your back. It makes breathing heavier and the chin falls open closing the airway or causing the tongue to block the airway.

3 Keep the bedroom as airy as possible.

4 Don't eat or drink alcohol late at night -- both will make breathing heavier.

5 Lose weight. Being overweight means a large neck and smaller airway.

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