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Fitionary: The terms you need to know for the gym

Siobhan Byrne.
Siobhan Byrne.
Tips to help you achieve tone in muscle

Siobhan Byrne

The gym floor may be a daunting place if you are a newbie but here are exercise and fitness terms to help you along.

Tempo: The speed at which you do the exercise.

DOMS: Delayed onset muscle soreness. The ache in the muscles you experience after pushing yourself hard lifting weights.

Warm Up: Preparing for the workout ahead whether that be cardio or strength training, allowing the body to get used to the exercise with light exercise or dynamic stretching first.

Reps: The amount of repetitions of one exercise.

Set: A group of repetitions.

Circuit: A group of exercises repeated in circuit format to keep the heart rate elevated with little rests in between.

Spot: Assistance from a training partner at a sticking point. You support the person training safely by allowing them to lift heavier than they would be able to do themselves.

HIIT: High intensity interval training is a great way to help develop cardio ability and burn some serious calories.

PB: Personal Best. This can refer to a lift or any cardio.

Press: Usually refers to a barbell or dumbell press overhead.

Bench: Usually refers to bench press.

Split circuit: Splitting strength training rounds with cardio in between.

Body Composition: The amount of fat versus lean muscle in the body.

Core: A group of muscles that extend from the neck right down through the body including the abs, lower back, hips etc.

Opposing muscles: Training muscles that are opposing, eg back and chest.

Plyometric training: Plyometrics are explosive high intensity movements designed to shock the muscle.

Slow twitch fibres: The fibres in the muscle that will work on endurance – long distance cycles, runs etc.

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