Tuesday 10 December 2019

Fit Kit: Make a choice from a full supporting cast

Comfort: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra
Comfort: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra
Performance: Mizuno Drylite sports bra
Support: MovingComfort sports bra. Photo: Brian Jones
Colourful: MovingComfort Juno sports bra

The verdict is given on the best supporting sports bras with both style and support taken into account.


I was told recently by one of my female running buddies that if she had to choose between leaving the house with one option of a sports bra or running shoes, the answer would be the sports bra. The Juno is a 'full support' sports bra with an emphasis on keeping things tight. My trusted tester pointed out that you might need a second person to get into this contraption, but when it's in place it becomes your best buddy on long runs. A massive highlight was the fabric and usability as it looks more like a swimming top than a sports bra for those really hot summer days.

HIT: Moulded cups ensure secure fit. Range of colours. Fabric.

Knock: A challenge to put on.



Comfort in a sports bra might be the only thing women look for. The fabric is very soft and doesn't hold any warmth. With a mild support, it's a bra for casual or low-impact exercise as recommended by my trusted testers. The fit is very good, especially from a comfort perspective, and runs fairly true to size. Where it lacks is full running-motion control. So if you're going for light exercise in the gym then you might have found a treasure of comfort.

Pros: DryLite Fabric was the most comfortable fabric tested.

Cons: Its level of support is mild.

Verdict: A sports bra for leisure.



With a good reputation for developing sport bras, the Run bra by Shock Absorber comes with a complete eight-point support system. The focus is on comfort so they have used a 'no seam' fabric system. My testers said that the strapping was firm and required help to get the right tension. The buckles required a bit of work to undo as well. It can take many attempts to find the perfect sports bra for any type of training. The development of the Run bra by Shock Absorber comes with an eight-point support system and special attention has been made to producing the garment with no seams. My test pilot for the Run bra assured me that it fits very tight. The buckles require a bit of learning how to secure and undo.

Pros: Seamless construction, firmness.

Cons: Limited colour range. Requires fitting to get correct size.

Verdict: A true running/active sports bra with a higher price point.

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