Sunday 17 December 2017

Fit Kit - helping you become a lighter, faster racer

The ASICS DS Racer 10
The ASICS DS Racer 10
The Sayonara 2
The New Balance 1400
The Fit Star app

Asher Senyk

The Asics DS Racer is a shoe many have turned to time and time again as their trusted racing shoe.

The 10th edition has undergone a major revamp and come up with the goods in this new version. The one-piece Duomax midsole, with vented curved line running from the toes to the heel, feels more natural underfoot and performs impressively. Fit is tight and the heel is narrow, but the upper is flexible and forming so you can wear it comfortably without noticing the width.

Hit: Light, fast and slight stability.

knock: Limited colours available.


Mizuno Sayonara 2

The Sayonara 2 is a combination of lightweight, slightly stable and very universal medium to short distance racing shoe. The feeling underfoot is broad around the toes, with a reasonably flat profile especially off the forefoot. The cushioning comes from a mix of a wave plate under the heel and soft U4iC (pronounced like 'Euphoric') rebound foam. The upper is a one-piece heat moulded frame which is slightly wide but very comfortable. Overall the shoe suits a good range of runners who like 
a higher heel to toe drop (10mm).

Pros: Overall fit is comfortable and broad.

Cons: The grip is a bit slippery in the wet.

Verdict: A versatile racing shoe for a broad range of runners.


New Balance 1400V2

You might have seen this shoe featured on runners lining up at the European Championships during the marathon. It's a very lightweight, slightly cushioned and all-out racing shoe. Every element is refined and comfortable, even the upper is thin, soft and gravity defying. The fit is reasonably narrow through the mid-foot and heel counter is soft and flexible. While the road is dry and you feel like putting in a fast 10k time, this might be your shoe.

Pros: Sock-like feeling, very lightweight (150 grams for UK size 9)

Cons: Hard to find in stores.

Verdict: Purebred racing shoe that is best suited to leaner runners.

App of the week - Fitstar

Are you one of those who find it difficult to make the time to go to the gym, or do you ever feel lost and unsure about how best to exercise when travelling or on holidays?

FitStar is an award-winning app, with NFL All-Star and FitStar trainer Tony Gonzalez alongside a team of health and fitness experts behind this fitness application. FitStar aims to help you improve your stamina and strength goals using little more than your own bodyweight, making it the perfect option for those hesitant of starting weight training. It incorporates a mixture of squats, planks, bridges, yoga, Pilates, leg-lifts and twists, endeavouring to make you stronger, healthier and better equipped to deal with the demands of day-to-day life.

With a daily shake-up in the workouts, FitStar will help keep exercising fun and will keep you on your toes. The app is highly adaptable and will individualise a host of variables to you, eg. following the initial assessment you fill in, it will choose exercises of a specific difficulty level to match your ability level; while if you only have 30 minutes to exercise, it will create a workout to fit this time. The app is free but you can pay $5 (€3.70) a month or $30 (€22.4) per year to access FitStar's programmes or classes (

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