Tuesday 12 December 2017

Fit Kit: Going the distance - then keep hydrated

Elivar Hydrate Plus
Elivar Hydrate Plus
Polar H7 sensor
Mini-massage roller

Fit Kit throws its discerning eye over rehydrating drinks, mini massage equipment and a Bluetooth HR sensor this week.

Fit Hit: Elivar Hydrate Plus +35

€12.50, Amazon.co.uk 12X25 gram portions

It's fairly simple to use this product, simply mix the sachet (25 grams) with half a litre or less water in a bottle. Simply shake the ingredients vigorously and you'll find the refreshing taste of orange juice flavour quite thirst quenching. The crucial elements of this formula, designed for over-35s, is the balance of electrolytes and low GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates which provide much needed energy in a 'slow' and gentle release.

HIT: Low GI, palatable and Irish-made.

KNOCK: Availability.

Polar H7 Bluetooth™ HR Sensor

€70, Polar.fi

Using your smartphone for collecting vital training data and fitness monitoring is a great way to keep you motivated and accurately track your progress. The H7 strap by Polar uses 'Smart' Bluetooth™ to wirelessly connect to your smartphone. The signal works with many of the modern smartphones, however, you will need to have a suitable 'sports' application to activate and search for the heart rate strap. The elastic strap is soft, comfortable and washable.

Pros: Change your own battery.

Cons: Check that your phone is compatible before purchasing.

Verdict: An excellent tool for your smartphone in the gym or out training.

Fitness Mad Minit-Massage Roller 

€13, Elverys.ie

Sports massage and trigger point therapy is known to be one of the best ways to recover after strenuous exercise. The mini-massage roller is small enough to fit into your gym bag, but packs some good massage strength when used properly. The soft foam plugs work well as little pressure points to give your muscle tiredness and soreness relief.

Pros: Tiny size is convenient for the gym bag.

Cons: None.

Verdict: A convenient, small massage accessory for almost anything from sore knees to neck and back complaints.

App of the week- WalkJogRun

WalkJogRun is a fitness and running app that deals primarily with running locations for those of you who crave more adventure than just mindlessly running on a treadmill.

Whether you're new to an area and are unfamiliar with your surroundings, or want a change of scenery for your run, you will find this app useful.

WalkJogRun boasts an impressive 1.6 million plus running routes worldwide, and the best routes near you can be easily located.

You can also create and save your own running route to add to the database.

The routes included 
vary from sub-mile sprint 
routes to 45 mile endurance runs.

This means that every type and ability of runners should be catered for.

One drawback with this app is that it requires the use of your phone's GPS in order to locate routes near you. Undoubtedly this means that it can be a real drain on your battery.

So if you are an endurance runner who is out running for a few hours at a time, there is always the danger that your device might die on you.

But, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Some really cool features include a training centre where you can log your miles, view your last 30 workouts and your training history for the last year, and also free training plans for all the various levels of skills.

For all the walkers, joggers, and runners out there, why not download this app and broaden your running horizons?

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