Wednesday 13 November 2019

Fit January Workouts Week Four with Siobhan Byrne

Siobhan Byrne

Inspiration is the key to keeping on track with your fitness and nutrition. Finding someone who inspires you and helps you focus on achieving your desired goal will absolutely help you to stick with it.

We all get days when we don't feel like training or eating healthy, but the trick is to make sure these become more infrequent with each passing month, until you always seek out the healthy option and go for that run or training session because you know you will feel all the better for doing so.

There are many people who inspire me daily, from nutritionist bloggers to other trainers worldwide, but one of my biggest inspirations is my husband, who helps keep me focused and on the straight and narrow.

We are no different to anyone else when it comes to liking food, but there is a determination about being in great shape, which focuses the mind.

In my business, you cant afford to make excuses about diet and training, and it's really that simple. You have to be in good shape, and it really helps that we love training and love training people to keep them focused.

Clothes are a big factor too. I don't believe in Spanx, so if I look a bit heavy on the hips, I train and cut out the cheat food, especially the sugars, so I look the way I want.

The bottom line is, it's about being happy. Happy with how you look, happy because you feel great from exercise, and happy because you know you are putting good, healthy foods into your body that will help you not only to achieve the body you want, but will also keep you in a healthy condition too.

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