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Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Stuffed celery stick snacks

Stuffed celery stick snacks

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Karl Henry

Recently I was at a lecture and the presenter asked the room to rate themselves, in terms of how they feel, on a scale of 1-10.

He then made an interesting observation: whatever number you are, chances are you surround yourself with those of a similar number. Twos attract 2s and 10s attract 10s.

So, what number are you? If you are a low number, take a look at those around you and ask what numbers are they?

If they are low numbers too, then I am going to set you a task. For the next four weeks aim to surround yourself with one person who is a higher number than you and observe the knock-on effect it has on your mood.

Stuffed celery stick snacks

Hummus is packed with protein while celery is a fantastic digestive aid.

You will need:

8 long celery sticks, ends trimmed

130g hummous or 130g tzatzki

1 carrot

2 tbsps of chopped walnuts


Wash the celery and carrots.

Grate the carrot into a bowl and use this as the base in the celery stick

Fill the remainder of the celery sticks with the hummus or tzatzki and sprinkle with the chopped walnuts.

Make one change...

Bring a Swiss ball to work and use it instead of your chair. Chairs are great but they do all the work for your body. By using a Swiss ball you have to use your core to do all the work to stay upright. This is a simple yet effective way to get more exercise into your day.

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