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Ever wanted to ... Complete the Savageman Triathlon

The Savageman Triathlon - the most challenging on the planet
The Savageman Triathlon - the most challenging on the planet

The Savageman Triathlon has been dubbed the most difficult race on the planet by Triathlete Magazine and involves a horrendous climb of almost 6,000 feet up the Western Maryland Mountains.

Taking place over two days in the Appalachian Mountains, this half-ironman is widely renowned for both its unrelenting difficulty and beauty that can leave you gasping for breath one minute and gasping in awe of the scenery the next.

The name 'Savageman' comes partly from the fact that participants initially descend down the Savage river, then attempt to ascend Big Savage Mountain, twice, and partly from the fact that it takes a certain breed of individual to enter like this.

There is the option of entering the 70.0 and the 30.0. The Savageman 70.0 is the half-ironman version, composed of a 1.2 mile swim, a 55.7 mile cycle and a 13.1 mile run, while the Savageman 30.0 consists of a 0.9 mile swim, a 22.9 mile bike and a 6.2 mile run.

Those who complete both are said to complete the Savage 100! With a small field of around 500 competitors, both Savageman races allow participants to enjoy the experience and race their own race, without the added pressure and annoyance of avoiding large crowds. The race is completely non-profit with its proceeds going to charity. The race is very well supported with plenty of volunteers to man every turn and alert all dangerous parts of the route, while also providing support to participants.


September 13-14th, 2014


The swim takes place in the clean, calm and clear waters of Maryland's Deep Creek Lake.

Swimmers go in a counter-clockwise direction in a rectangular loop, turning at the State Park Road Bridge, while it both starts and finishes at the Deep Creek Lake State Park public beach. The swim is the only flat leg of the course.

The cycle is the crowning jewel of the festival. The route is full of beauty, as it travels on remote and scenic Garrett County roads, through Deep Creek State Park, Savage River State Forest, and New Germany State Parks. The cycle matches every bit of its beauty with savagery in equal measure as it goes alongside the scenic Savage River, scales the Westernport Wall, and summits the most savage climb in any triathlon, Big Savage Mountain, with an average gradient of incline of 6 per cent and a final stretch of 21 per cent, just to make things interesting!

The run is a scenic 13.1-mile double loop course, taking participants along the shores of Deep Creek Lake, through the expansive State Park camp grounds, and along lakeside roads.

The run is by no means easy with difficult inclines and changing surfaces to deal with, but in terms of sheer energy sapping, soul-destroying savagery, the cycle leg of the course takes the biscuit.


Completing what is regarded as the most challenging triathlon on the planet.


The burning sensation in your legs as you embark on the most difficult climb on your bike in all of triathlon.


As Deep Creek Lake is both a summer and winter time holiday location, lodgings in this neck of the woods are in good supply with options of house-rentals, hotels and camping.


Return flights to Pittsburgh International airport are currently at €590, though Deep Creek Lake is a further two-hour drive from the airport.


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