Thursday 22 February 2018

Easy ways to burn calories

Woman measuring her waist
Woman measuring her waist
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

10 simple steps towards a slimmer shape

1. Take the stairs

Your mother has been telling you this for years. Listen to her. It's common sense at 10 calories burned per flight of stairs.

2. Do some crunches before bed

It might be when you least want to work out, but set aside five to 10 minutes for some crunches before bedtime. 40 calories worth.

3. Sleep!

They call it beauty sleep for a reason. You can burn lots of extra calories by getting a good night's sleep.

4. Eat breakfast

You send your body a signal that you're not starving, so it starts burning fat. Scrambled eggs, omelettes, oatmeal and fruit are all highly recommended.

5. Keep a pair of flats in your bag

You'll be more inclined to move quickly (hence, burning more calories) in comfortable shoes - even ballet slippers will do.

6. Drink more water

They say eight cups a day for a reason. Dehydrated people experience a drop in their metabolic rate.

7. Have more coffee

Finally, we've been championing this one for years! Studies have found that caffeine increases the rate at which you burn calories.

8. Don't eat late in the evening

It can interrupt sleep and may induce you to skip breakfast. A major diet no-no.

9. Cook your own food

Being on your feet cooking for half an hour is time less spent sitting on the couch waiting for takeaway. You also know exactly what ingredients are going into your meal.

10. Avoid eating lunch at your desk

If you don't have an option, then find 10- 15 minutes later in the day for a brisk walk.

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