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Dr May's Tips For Training

Hydration: Going back years ago it was common practice to drink a lot of fluid before training but things have changed. Over-hydration is dangerous so Dr May says drink when you are thirsty.

Nutrition: The best foods to eat before going for a run are high content carbohydrates, 500 calories or more. Something like porridge or pasta, but not too much. You don't want to run with too much in your stomach and you don't want to run with an empty stomach either.

Safety: Always wear high visibility clothing. Tell someone when and where you are going; if listening to music is necessary make sure it's not too loud. Carry identification and always know your route.

Training groups: Try to train with a friend or a group of friends. In many areas there are meet and train groups and details of these groups and when and where they meet is available on www.vhiwomensminimarathon.ie

The weather: It's hard to deal with the changing weather at this time of year. Dr May says always bring extra layers. Never wear cotton, always lycra because cotton will absorb your sweat. And make sure you feel comfortable.

Enjoy it: For Dr May, enjoying training and running is vital because enjoyment brings longevity. Running builds your bone and immune system, it makes you feel good and lose weight. It builds self-esteem. And for those who cross the line at the end of the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon, the feeling of self satisfaction is unique and hard to replicate.

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