Saturday 24 March 2018

Don't keep all carbs off the menu while getting fit

It is a mistake to cut down too much on carbs
It is a mistake to cut down too much on carbs

Siobhan Byrne

The biggest mistake those who train, and I have to say particularly women, make is restricting themselves on carbs.

Unfortunately this is a trap that even the most dedicated and knowledgeable people can fall into, just like Yvonne has done.

Carbs are often associated with a weight gain and are the first thing people leave out when they are watching their weight.

The type of carbs you should be leaving out are the high GI refined carbs like white breads and pasta, the sweet variety but don't get caught in the trap of thinking all carbs are bad.

Your body actually does require a certain amount of carbs especially to develop really good definition and I'm not just talking about the fibrous kind like broccoli, green beans etc... I mean sweet potato, brown rice, oats etc...

Leaving out carbs like these is a trap and you will not develop the muscle tone you have been aiming for by restricting them. More often than not you will find yourself in negative nitrogen balance.

Basically restricting calories too much that your body simply adapts to the low amount of food you are eating, the muscle doesn't help build and when you do decide to have high GI carbs you may have a reaction to them, holding water and bloating.

Our standard Irish dinner is not that bad - meat, veg and potato - is fine.

Again, we need to look at portion control, lean meats and that potato we Irish so desire. In an ideal world it would be better to swap to the lower GI version so readily available but let's be honest, it's not a small potato that has sent us into an overweight state. More likely we do that by adding butter, cheese, coleslaw and deep frying.

Yes you have heard it, if you really have to have a small amount of potato it's not the end of the world, just watch how it's served, with boiled or baked being the best options.

There is one main reason I would recommend staying away from high GI carbs like bread, pasta and potato. For me they leave me with an insulin spike no matter what time of day I have them. Have you ever noticed that one slice of white toast or fresh bread is not enough and you just can't help yourself to more. If this is you don't make life hard and cut the high GI insulin spiking carbs.


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