Thursday 22 February 2018

Doctor's Orders: Worth the weight ... Slimmer for Summer finale

There's been blood, sweat and lots of tears, but you did it. Keeping the weight off is that bit harder, so beware the food pushers

Celebrate your success but keep an eye on those treats, and your waistline
Celebrate your success but keep an eye on those treats, and your waistline

Ciara Kelly

We did it! And as ever, by we, I mean you, and of course our heroic columnists who bared their inner souls and their weight on the scales, for the whole country to see!

We shouldn't underestimate how hard that is to do. Most people wouldn't tell their mother or their spouse what they weigh - let alone the whole world! So a big round of applause for the six who, every week shared their successes and their failures with us - in an attempt to motivate others.

Did they motivate you? Were you one of the thousands around the country that also got involved and stuck with it through, ahem - thick and thin?

Well I hope you are and that you're feeling pretty smug about yourself right now. Losing weight is never easy. It takes planning. It takes preparation. And it takes hard work. There are plans that certainly make it easier. If the food is nice and you're eating often enough to avoid hunger for example, that's easier than starving yourself and eating cardboard. But even if your plan is a good one, it still involves putting restrictions on yourself.

It still involves breaking old habits and it still involves denying yourself food that the rest of the world describe as treats. And doing it over and over again, on an ongoing basis because losing weight - unless you only need to lose two lbs - takes weeks, if not months, if not years, to reach your target.

That language that we use around food, the; have a treat. The; go on indulge yourself talk, is a problem. It makes it much harder to resist eating junk. It makes us feel like we're missing out by not eating it. And of course we are.

We're missing out on diabetes, on heart disease and on not-being-able-to-fit-into-our-clothes. We're missing out on feeling bad about ourselves, when we tell ourselves that today we're not going to eat any crap, but end up eating it anyway. That's what we're actually missing out on.

But there's massive pressure brought to bear on people, both from food advertising which is seriously big business but also from friends and family, who often mean well and are just being hospitable. But occasionally are subconsciously trying to get you to overeat so they can overeat with impunity.

So be on your guard going forward, for food pushers in all their guises.

Not everyone is on your side when it comes to losing weight. For those of you who have been sticking with a plan for the past eight weeks I suppose the question you have to ask is; where to now? Are you going to keep going or are you happy with where you're at?

If your BMI is back down to normal and you're happy with your weight - then fair play - your work is done here. But if you still have a way to go weight-wise, then it's worth considering sticking with your programme for another while.

You should see the past eight weeks as an investment in your future that you don't want to throw away.

Hard and all, as these weeks have been, you have them under your belt now - literally - and you know you could keep going a little bit longer because you're lighter than you've been in months. You're closer to your target weight than you've been in months. And you'll never be in a better position to reach it, than you are right now.

So think about it, eight weeks is a flash in the pan, maybe it's time to see this as a stepping stone to where you'd actually like to be.

Well done guys.


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