Tuesday 21 January 2020

Change it up with... Animal Flow

What is it? Animal Flow was created by Mike Fitch, founder and president of Global Bodyweight Training, during his personal journey into bodyweight disciplines.

This fun, new exercise that’s earning its position on many a ‘must-try’ class list is a combination of Fitch’s experience with gymnastics, Parkour, hand balancing, circus arts, breakdancing, and traditional progressive bodyweight training. Once you get comfortable with the movements, it’s a workout that like yoga can be done anywhere, any time.

What happens in a class? Newcomers to Animal Flow can expect an innovative fitness programme that combines ground-based fluid movements with bodyweight training. It gives you the cardio you want without the boredom. It’s fun, it’s challenging and the benefits (among which improved strength, mobility, endurance and neuromuscular communication are included) are tenfold. Suitable for all fitness types and all ages, the ‘animal’ part is down to the ‘four pillar’ positioning like playing cat or dog. Like most new-age exercise trends, Animal Flow favours fluidity over compartmentalisation.

How long? 1 hour.

Where and how much? Follow Animal Flow instructor @KamanRyan on Twitter for updates on class locations; KamanRyan.com; PlatinumPilates.ie. Prices vary.

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