Sunday 21 January 2018

Celebrity Hangover Cures -- Fact or Fiction?

While the experts recommend moderation and lots of water when it comes to battling hangovers, Hollywood stars have their own ways of dealing with the morning after the night before. But just how effective are they?

The Secret Agent Special

James Bond star Daniel Craig makes sure he's not shaken or stirred the next morning by hitting the gym hard and sweating out all those nasty toxins.

Fact or Fiction?: Going to the gym, as with anything that is going to dehydrate you more, is not a good idea. Some exercise is good but vigorous workouts should be avoided. Do some more gentle exercise like a stroll around the block or a walk to the shops.

Hangover Cure Rating: 1/5

The 'Grease Is The Word' Cure

Kate Winslet tames her Titanic hangovers by eating a sausage and bacon sandwich, with a glass of juice.

Fact or Fiction?: You should avoid fatty foods and instead eat cereal. The carbohydrates and protein in the milk will go someway to soothing your symptoms. The glass of juice is Winslet's only saving grace as it helps hydrate her.

Hangover Cure Rating: 2/5

The Hair Of The Dog

Cameron Diaz opts for an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's and a beer to help beat her morning after blues.

Fact or Fiction?: While the hair of the dog can momentarily dampen down the shakes, the body ends up having more toxins to deal with and more severe effects will result.

Hangover cure rating: 0/5

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