Friday 15 December 2017

Celeb health check: TV presenter Ciara Whelan

Game On presenter, Ciara Whelan:
Game On presenter, Ciara Whelan: "I'm definitely an eight hours minimum kinda girl."
Ciara Whelan

Elsa Jones

Game On presenter on being an eight hours minimum kinda girl.

Do you have any health concerns?

The only small niggle I have at the moment is some stiffness in a finger that I broke a few years ago. It's been worse with all of the cold weather we've been having.

How would you rate your energy levels?

Good, though they could be better. I'd say I'm running on about 70pc at the moment.

Do you get your five a day?

I'm pretty sure on the average day I'm getting at least four, though I find it hard to know whether to include the lettuce in my sandwich or the couple of olives I nabbed during the day.

How would you rate your stress levels?

I have an excellent talent for going from being absolutely horizontal to stressed out of my mind. I think it comes with the nature of my work -- with every day bringing something new, fortunately, the stress never lasts that long.

How's your sleep?

I can survive on much less for short periods of time, but I'm definitely an eight hours minimum kinda girl.

Do you exercise?

With work it's difficult to get into a proper routine. I'll go from periods of being in the gym every single day to not going for weeks. I've signed up for a charity cycle from Cork to Kilkenny in June.

Do you cook from scratch?

Cooking is definitely not my strong point and if I didn't know any better, you might still find me living on Pot Noodles and packets of Meanies. At home, I'm likely to throw together a salad.

How many alcoholic beverages would you consume in a week?

On an average week I'll have half a bottle of red wine on a Friday and Saturday night.

What would you find hard to give up?

Tea, I drink decaf with skimmed milk and couldn't live without it. I probably have about six cups a day.

Do you have any health goals?

I'd love my energy levels to go up and for my hair and skin to be healthier and brighter.

Rate My Diet: What I ate today

Breakfast: Glenisk low-fat natural yogurt with cinnamon and chia seeds.

Lunch: Sandwich on rye with turkey, rocket, Swiss cheese, tomato and mayo.

Dinner: Chicken breast, with onion and garlic and a baby leaf salad with mozzarella, avocado and balsamic vinegar.

Beverages: Four cups of tea, one Americano with milk, 1.5 litres water.

Elsa's Verdict

Ciara, you seem to have a good diet and exercise routine. I'd recommend that you add some mixed berries to your yogurt in the morning which will give you a good hit of antioxidant vitamins and help you achieve your five a day. You might also consider swapping the decaf tea for Rooibos tea, which is higher in antioxidants but lower in tannins.

Originial source Evening Herald


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