Monday 11 December 2017

Busting myth that women bulk up when they lift weights

Roz Purcell pictured working out in Pat Henry's Gym
Roz Purcell pictured working out in Pat Henry's Gym

Siobhan Byrne

There are many common myths out there about strength and weight training but one in particular has absolutely affected the perception to some women of what strength training actually does for women.

 I have heard all the excuses and even some women absolutely convinced that they bulk up when they lift heavy weights. I'm here to banish this myth once and for all and tell you what is actually happening rather than what you have been led to believe is happening.

Some of this may sound familiar:

* I get heavy and bulk up when I lift heavy weights!

* I like to do cardio before weights.

Let's have a look at this point. Doing cardio before a workout means you will be doing one thing, using up valuable energy that could be spent doing the harder part of the workout, your weights, why waste the energy that you will so badly need on the easiest part of the workout? It simply makes no sense.

The low-down on what really happens when you strength train:

When you strength train you break down the muscle fibres they then knit back together stronger to create a stronger body with lean muscle which burns more calories even while resting.

Why women don't bulk up when you train with heavy weights?

Women simply do not have the same level of testosterone as men so there is not much chance of them getting a bulky masculine physique by lifting heavy weights. The best you will get is a lean, toned-looking body, (provided your diet is right).

If you feel you look bulky after weights what does this mean?

Very simply you are not controlling your food and the fat around the muscles is still there while you have spent time creating a lean hard body underneath the fat that no one will ever see

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