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Bootcamp Ireland's top tips to help you get fit and feel great

1) Try using upbeat music to motivate you while you are working out – training to music has been proven to help people train for longer

2) Avoid eating large meals two hours before you train – your body will still be processing the food as you train, and cause you discomfort

3) Try training first thing in the morning when you are most alert

4) Drink plenty of water on the days you are training, it hydrates the muscles

5) Always perform your exercises to the best of your ability – it's about quality NOT quantity

6) Try and use your local park to train in as often as you can - it gets you outdoors and it’s free

7) If training outdoors in winter, wear a hat and gloves – we can lose up to 50% of our heat through our heads when exercising

8) Keep an exercise diary, and use it to keep track of your training – it will help you see what you have achieved to date

9) Ignore the weighing scales, muscle weighs more than fat... it’s all about how you feel

10) Eat healthily, exercise a little each day, be positive and if you believe, you will succeed!

Thanks to Lorraine Ho and Bootcamp Ireland