Saturday 20 January 2018

Baby-boosting diet

Pump iron

Once you're pregnant, the baby will siphon off your iron reserve -- so stock up on the mineral (which aids the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body) with green leafy veg such as spinach, lentils and red meat. Vegetarians and vegans should pop an iron supplement.

Drink less

Although studies on the link between booze and infertility are largely inconclusive, if you're trying to get pregnant it's best to go teetotal between ovulation and menstruation. The first day of your period is the best time to have a worry-free glass of wine.

Curb caffeine

Experts generally agree two cups of coffee a day won't damage your baby-making abilities. But as caffeine can constrict blood vessels and slow blood flow to the uterus, giving up java for good is safest.

Eat your greens (reds and yellows)

Dubbed 'Mother Nature's multivitamin,' brightly-coloured fruits and vegetables such as kale, red peppers and blueberries fight the free-radicals that can damage the ova (and sperm). Aim to eat two cups of fruit and three cups of veg a day.

Don't forget folic

A form of Vitamin B, folic acid has long been known to safeguard the health of unborn babies. But research has shown women who take a .4mg folic acid supplement every day have a better chance of getting pregnant too.

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